Hen Coops Game

Hen Coops Game

Hen Coops Game is a very nice memory game for Windows

Hen Coops Game is a nice memory game in which a funny cock will show you an egg under a hen and then it will shuffle the three hens from one side to the other. When he finishes, you must say under which hen the egg is. You will have a couple of seconds to select a hen, and the faster you provide the right answer, the higher your score will be. The game is pretty challenging and confusing, since the cock acts really quick, so you must have an eagle eye to detect where the egg is. For every passed round you will get points, but if you lose, you have to start all over again from the start.

The game includes very funny animations and realistic sounds, which are very attractive. It also has suitable music. As you progress, the game will get more and more challenging as the cock will move the hens faster. If you break a high score, you will be asked to share your score online.

In short, if you are looking for a simple but enjoyable game to pass the time, Hen Coops Game may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Nice animations
  • Free


  • No customization options
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